Ol’ Riki Tiki’s Pie-Wheel of Misogyny

Prologue, before I get into this looney-bin: After the shootings in California a few weeks ago, everything/one has been rather hysterical on the internet. We’re all bothered, confused, and feeling defensive. It’s hard to know the right way to say what we’re thinking, and we’re ending up disagreeing with each other when it doesn’t even make sense to. I’ve been scared, angry & frustrated. However, I’ve also felt really encouraged by the stubborn men in my life who are fighting for the well-being of all, and by so many women who get right back up after they feel beaten down.

The womb of the world is wandering the earth, trying to find it’s way home. This, here, is an artifact of this hysteria.

In the middle of a heated facebook thread regarding what ways misogyny is indeed a problem, a friend of mine told me to make a pie-chart of misogynistic rap lyrics. (There was also some stuff about racism happening, too.)

It was a wacky aside, that wasn’t connected with anything I had thought about or said, which made it sound all the more appropriate for the level of communication happening these days.

You’re really good at pies. So I bet you could make a killer pie chart showing all the rappers – whatever their race – and the misogyny in their lyrics. Cause it’s not just black rappers. It’s almost all.


It’s far from “killer pie chart,” but it’s a pie with offensive rap lyrics written on it.

I’ve been into rap since I was a middle-schooler and have many misogynistic lyrics written on my heart and ready to share. Rap is embedded into many pies I’ve made, and the most common album I listen to whilst pie-making is 36 Chambers, which, sadly, doesn’t dish out as large of portions of misogyny as many other albums. Though it certainly has some.

The differently sized-portions of pie represent how offended I become when I sing the lyrics to myself, I guess.

Circle-Foods "Lend a Wedge" to Help Organize Just How Offensive Rap Lyrics Are

Circle-Foods “Lend a Wedge” to Help Organize Just How Offensive Rap Lyrics Are


I’m bad at MS Paint so you’ll probably have to enlarge the image in order to read the offensive-stuffs.